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At this stage, the STIBM system involves the Metropolitan City of Milan – identified as the centre of the Mobility Catchment Area –, the whole Province of Monza and Brianza, as well as some municipalities outside the province, already part of the SITAM area.


In fact, STIBM incorporates and replaces the current SITAM (Integrated Milan Area Tariff System), including not only local urban ATM and suburban road transport, but also rail transport managed by Trenord. This will make it possible in the immediate future to travel in the STIBM area in total freedom on any means of public transport.



List of railway stations involved in the new tariff system





As long as the ATM/Sitam monthly and annual travel passes are still valid, they are not refundable and will be usable until their natural expiry date, maintaining the pre-existing territorial validity on Trenord rail services.