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Daily tickets

IVOL daily pass

STIBM daily pass

(1, 2, 3, 7 days)

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    Where to buy it

    Online on this site, with the Trenord APP, at the ticket offices and vending machines at the Trenord station or at all authorized retailers.

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    Where to use it

    Throughout Lombardy they allow you to make an unlimited number of trips on any means of local public transport. It is possible to use the trains of the Malpensa Express airport service with the exception of journeys with origin/destination Malpensa Airport.

    Tickets purchased online contain a dynamic QR Code aimed at control activities. Being a "dynamic" QRCode, the ticket purchased online, present in your personal area (it is not sent via email), must not be printed but shown to the staff via smartphone.

    ATTENTION: The dynamic QrCode does not enable the opening of turnstiles (entry/exit of railway and subway stations); to access you must pass through the manned gates and show the ticket on your smartphone.

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    1 day (€17.50); 2 days (€29.00); 3 days (€35.00); 7 days (€46.50).

    The fare is unique and there is no difference based on the age of the traveler (children up to 4 years of age travel for free).

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    The class is unique, it allows access to 1st and 2nd class rail services.

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    They are valid for 1, 2, 3, 7 consecutive days starting from the day indicated during purchase (for tickets purchased on the website or from the App) or from the day of activation for IVOLs on other material supports that require validate before first use.

    On the last day of validity they can also be used after midnight, until the end of the service.

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    Mandatory validation before the first trip for tickets purchased at the ticket office, in authorized resellers or from station vending machines.
    Validation not necessary for digital IVOL tickets, as the starting day of validity is chosen at the time of purchase.

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    IVOL tickets are refundable: before validation for paper tickets; before the date chosen during purchase, for digital tickets.

STIBM daily pass

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    At the ticket office, from automatic ticket machines, at authorized dealers and now also online on the Trenord Website and APP

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    On all means (trains, buses, subways, and surface vehicles) in the STIBM area (Provinces of Milan and Monza-Brianza).

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    Varies based on the number of zones purchased. To travel around Milan the fare is € 7.00, equal to 3 fare zones (Mi1 - Mi3), and allows you to move freely throughout the city of Milan and up to 21 cities in the hinterland included in the Mi3 zone.
    See the detailed rates.

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    It is valid for 24 hours from the first validation, with no limit to the number of trips within the territorial scope defined by the purchased zones.

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    STIBM day tickets can be purchased from both the APP and the Site (indifferently from a PC and smartphone), but they are necessarily used from a smartphone, by accessing your personal area on or on the Trenord APP.