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With Io Viaggio in Famiglia children up to 14 years (not completed) travel for free on public transport when accompanied by an adult family member (parent, grandfather, uncle, brother / sister) in possession of a valid ticket or season ticket.



Children under 4 do not need a card.


How can you take advantage of the discount?

To take advantage of the discount, request your personal accompanying card online, which you can use for all trips and show to the ticket inspector.

You will be able to collect the card at the Trenord ticket office indicated 30 days after the request. While waiting for the card, you can travel with the provisional form [valid for 60 days] that will be sent to you by email with the card request receipt

  • Fill out the form with your data and those of your children

  • Collect the card at the station of your choice (approximately 30 days after the request)

  • Travel with your card that you have to show in case of checks




Rail pass for several minor children

For families who purchase monthly and annual passes for the public transport of several minor children, thanks to the discount Io Viaggio in Famiglia:


• The subscription of the second child benefits from a 20% discount.
• The subscription from the third child onwards is free.

There is no discount for the first child's rail pass. 

To join the promotion, simply fill in the appropriate form modulo abbonamenti and deliver it to the ticket offices, which will issue the discounted season ticket for the child/children.

family traveling

The “Io Viaggio in Famiglia” discount applies to the following passes:


• Monthly (Trenord, STIBM, Malpensa Express, TrenoCittà, Io viaggio ovunque in provincia / Lombardia).

• Quarterly (Io viaggio ovunque in Lombardia).

• Annual (Trenord, STIBM, Malpensa Express, Io viaggio ovunque in Lombardia).






• Discounts and free tickets are applied to passes that have the same time validity, even if issued by different transport companies.

• The discount and free tickets are applied to the subscription that costs less.

• The discount cannot be combined with other discounts (eg student passes).




To join the promotion, simply fill in the appropriate season ticket form and deliver it to the ticket offices, which will issue the discounted season ticket for the child (children).

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