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Karma Metrix and Trenord's digital sustainability

Monday 28/03/2022

Digital pollution


Not everyone thinks about it, but the web pollutes too. According to Global Carbon Project , the Internet was the 4th country in the world for carbon dioxide emissions in 2020, after the USA, China and India.

The web pollutes the environment by consuming considerable quantities of electricity deriving from fossil sources, which is used to power servers and digital devices, but also due to inefficient ways in which websites are created.

TRENORD S.r.l. has decided to take concrete action to support the sustainability of the web through a process of measuring emissions and consequent energy optimization of the website . To do this, we relied on the innovative Karma Metrix tool from


The Karma Metrix Project

Karma Metrix is the algorithm that allows you to measure the CO2 emissions resulting from website pages.

The goal Karma is to improve digital sustainability, by measuring and increasing the energy efficiency of websites to reduce the carbon dioxide emitted by the use of the Internet.


Digital sustainability

With Karma Metrix we have calculated the carbon footprint of our site and we are implementing optimization actions to improve the level of digital sustainability.

With our constant commitment to measuring and improving the efficiency of our site, we obtained the Karma Metrix Energy Efficient Website seal on March 14, 2021.