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The new Integrated Tariff System of the Milano and Monza Brianza Mobility Catchment Area (STIBM) extends to all the municipalities that are part of the Metropolitan City of Milano, the Province of Milano and Monza and Brianza, as well as some municipalities outside the province that are already part of the SITAM area [see list of  exceptions on the TPL Agency website].
Starting from Milano, the surrounding area has been divided into concentric rings, each of which represents a tariff zone identified by a different colour, as can be seen on the map.



One ticket on all transport!

The fare between two places – i.e. the place of origin and the place of destination of the trip – is independent of the means of transport used, and is calculated simply on the basis of the number of zones within which the passenger is travelling.
STIBM tickets are valid for reaching two locations within the STIBM area, even if the means of transport crosses other provincial areas. STIBM tickets make it possible, within the period of validity and the areas purchased, to move around by covering several routes and combining several means, either continuously or with several intermediate stops. With the same STIBM ticket, it will therefore be possible to make round-trip journeys, even with multiple entrances on the metro and on Trenord.


Alongside the classic paper tickets, with the introduction of the integrated system there is also the new CHIP ON PAPER (COP) ticket, the rechargeable non-nominative support for STIBM tickets and passes. Sustainable, practical, comfortable and versatile.


You can choose to purchase your new STIBM tickets at TRENORD ticket offices, authorised points of sale or vending machines. Note that you can't buy the STIBM tickets on board.


The Trenord App makes it possible to purchase all the tickets integrated in Tap&Go mode [the ticket purchased remains in the wallet of the App, and has no default date but is activated with a tap when needed].



Travel passes are also integrated!

In October 2019, the STIBM integrated travel passes replaced, within the STIBM area, the Trenord ‘train only’ travel passes, the integrated TrenoMilano/TrenoMonza and the Io Viaggio Ovunque in Provincia [Milano and Monza Brianza] travel passes.


All the integrated travel passes are charged on the Io Viaggio card, which you can request at Trenord ticket offices or online.


Do you already have the Io Viaggio card?

You don't have to do anything else, your card is already set up for topping up the integrated travel passes too!


Do you not yet have the Io Viaggio card?

Request it now online or at Trenord ticket offices. If, while waiting for the Io Viaggio card, you need to purchase a new STIBM travel pass, contact the ticket offices, where, only upon presentation of the purchase receipt of the Io Viaggio card in paper or digital format, you will be provided, while waiting for the Io Viaggio to be delivered to you, a temporary card to load the season ticket on. From the following month you will be able to purchase your season ticket on your Io Viaggio personal card.

STIBM is the new Integrated Tariff System of the Milan and Monza Brianza Mobility Basin (STIBM); it extends over all the municipalities that are part of the Metropolitan City of Milan, the Province of Milan and Monza and Brianza as well as some municipalities outside the province, which are already part of the SITAM area [see list of exceptions on the website of the TPL Agency]. 

Starting from Milan, the surrounding area has been divided into concentric crowns, each of which represents an area identified by a different color and a different tariff. For more information, visit the section dedicated to STIBM, on our website.

YES, because the STIBM title is valid for reaching two locations located in the same province, even if the service / means of transport crosses other provincial areas.

Of course, self-certification replaces the residence certificate. Also because residence can also be proven by showing an identity document (pursuant to Presidential Decree no. 445/2000) if the residence certificate is not available or self-certification is not produced.

No, it can also be produced in plain paper.

In the case of freelancers or all those who have purchased season tickets for travel purposes other than working ones, it is necessary to submit a self-certification stating the place of work or self-certifying that the season tickets have been purchased for non-working reasons.

Starting from September 22 2020, for you who travel between two municipalities within the new fare system, only travel tickets integrated by all means are on sale

Of course they do. If you encounter technical integration problems and the tickets loaded on the card do not open the turnstiles, you must go to a Trenord or MyLink Point ticket office to have the card updated or functional.

The validity area includes the municipalities of:


Milano metropolitan area


Province of Monza and Brianza


Outside the province of Milano, but included in SITAM (Integrated Tariff System for the Milanese Area): Casorate Primo [PV]; Casalmaiocco [LO], Comazzo [LO], Merlino [LO], Mulazzano [LO], Sordio [LO], Tavazzano with Villavesco [LO], Zelo Buon persico [LO].