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The EC Regulation

Regulation (EC) no. 2021/782 - rights and obligations of passengers - of the European Parliament and of the Council of 29 April 2021, introduces rights and obligations for passengers in rail transport, providing for information charges in favor of passengers and specific rights in the event of delays, cancellations of trains and no coincidences.

The new regulations have been incorporated into the text of the Trenord Conditions of Travel (last update: maggio 2023).



The contract of carriage

The contract of carriage, concluded in accordance with the General Conditions, as a rule, relates to the use of the train by the passenger and is represented by a travel document which entitles the same to use the railway service chosen by the passenger.



Rights and responsabilities of passengers and travel documents

For the purposes of applying the rights and obligations of passengers in rail transport, a single journey may be considered to be that made with several successive trains / services under a single travel document.

In all other cases in which the passenger uses more trains/railway services, by virtue of different tickets, the trips must be considered distinct and separate from each other and each one is traceable to a single transport contract.

Any indemnities will be recognised with reference to the individual transport contracts.


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