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Social Media Policy

We are present on some Social Media to talk about our company, promote and encourage the use of the train - an irreplaceable means for integrated public mobility. Given the vastness of our service (2300 trains per day and 815 thousand travelers per day), we do not carry out online caring or after-sales services on Social channels (for which we refer you to Customer Care), nor do we provide real-time information on the status circulation.


Trenord Social Officials are moderated from Monday to Friday (9.00 - 17.00). Any post, comment or question, received during non-working hours or days, is in any case monitored and / or taken over.


Everyone can intervene on our social channels to express their opinion; we welcome suggestions and proposals with interest, just as we listen carefully to all constructive criticisms that do not transcend into sterile polemics or, worse, personal attacks.


We invite you to have a polite, respectful and relevant discussion, which avoids vulgar and offensive language, without insults or aggressive comments that encourage illegal activity or vandalism, defamatory or discriminatory actions against other users, community managers who moderate the accounts , or any representative of Trenord or corporate, public and private partners.


For the benefit of developing a constructive conversation, we remind everyone not to go off topic with respect to the published content. We will not respond to spurious or repeated comments posted for the sole purpose of disturbing the discussion and igniting sterile or destructive controversies; we will delete all that is violent or disrespectful, which may tend to compromise the safety of the railway service, customers or employees of the Company.


Do not publish on our channels spam, chains or proposals of a commercial / advertising nature, or content that is deceptive, misleading or prohibited by law.


We recommend that you share your views without violating the privacy or rights of individuals or others. We also ask you not to publish personal information, yours or others, such as telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, personal subscription card number: if we need this data to provide you with assistance, we will ask you for it, obviously with the utmost respect. of the law on the processing of personal data.


We would like to specify that the comments and posts of users (who are always invited to introduce themselves with name and surname) represent the opinion of individuals and not that of Trenord, which cannot be held responsible for what is posted on its channels by third parties. .


To guarantee those who follow us a space for constructive and civil dialogue and confrontation, we reserve the right to take measures against those who repeatedly violate these conditions or those contained in the policies of the instruments adopted. The Social Media Team reserves the right to use the ban or block to prevent further interventions, and to report to the managers of the platform (and possibly to the relevant law enforcement agencies) the accounts that deliberately and repeatedly infringe this policy.


Specifically, all posts, comments or audio / video materials will be removed from the Social Media Team that:


1. have a political or propaganda content;

2. present inappropriate language and / or a threatening, violent, vulgar or disrespectful tone;

3. present illegal content or incitement to carry out illegal activities;

4. have content that is offensive, misleading, alarmist, or in violation of the rights of third parties;

5. disclose personal data and information or information that may cause damage or harm the reputation of third parties;

6. have obscene, pornographic, child pornographic content, or content that offends the sensitivity of users;

7. have a discriminatory content based on gender, race, ethnicity, language, religious belief, political opinions, sexual orientation, age, personal and social conditions;

8. Promote or support illegal activities, copyright infringement or misuse a registered trademark. Messages containing personal data (e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, addresses, etc.) may be removed to protect the persons concerned.



We remind you that the processing of users' personal data responds to the policies in use on the platforms used (Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn).


Please note that sensitive data posted in comments or public posts within Trenord's social channels will be removed. The data shared by users through private messages, sent directly to Trenord channels, will be treated in compliance with the legal regulations in force from time to time and applicable in the field of personal data processing.