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Trenord settlement procedures

Trenord and the Consumer Association have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the aim of making the out-of-court resolution of disputes between customers and Trenord faster and more effective.


How and when to access mediation

If your complaint has not received a satisfactory response or you have not received a response within 30 days of receipt by Trenord, you can access the mediation procedure through one of the Consumer Associations adhering to the Protocol, or by contacting Trenord directly, filling in the form, duly signed, and sent to Trenord S.r.l. 


Trenord S.r.l. - Ufficio Conciliazione, piazzale Cadorna 14 - 20123 Milano

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How does the mediation work?


The mediation procedure concerns complaints relating to the services provided by Trenord as described in the official documents.


If the customer does not indicate the Association that will represent him or her in the mediation, Trenord will assign the application to one of the Consumer Associations that are signatories to the Protocol, in application of a rotating criterion. The mediation procedure is conducted in Italian and it's completely free.

The Mediation Commission, formed of mediators appointed by Trenord and the Consumer Associations, will examine the application, taking into account contractual commitments, sector-specific regulations and consumer protection rules and, according to principles of fairness, will assess the possibility of formulating a proposal for mediation that is satisfactory to the parties, which will be submitted to the customer for possible acceptance.