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Travelling with bicycles on Trenord trains


The transport of non-folding bicycles on Trenord trains is permitted on specific trains and lines, indicated in the timetable. 

Bicycle transport is free on board Trenord trains, on routes within the tariff boundaries of Lombardy, which can be consulted on the map of the regional railway service.

For supra-regional or cross-border routes, the purchase of a bicycle supplement is obligatory, as laid down by the railway companies that manage the services.

The transport of foldable bicycles and scooters, properly folded, and non-bulky means of transport with dimensions no greater than 80x120x45cm, is always permitted and free of charge.


Secure bicycle transport

On board trains, bicycles and other means of transport must be stored in the dedicated areas of the carriages and must not hinder the boarding and alighting or movement of passengers.

Only one bicycle is allowed per traveller, who is responsible for loading and unloading. In stations and on platforms, the bicycle must be wheeled by hand.

Even on trains that allow bicycle transport, the train conductor has the right to limit access in the event of crowding or possible risks to the safe completion of the journey.

When travelling with bicycles in a group (3 people or more) it is essential to book transport at least 5 working days in advance at this address:

The transport of bicycles on board replacement buses is not permitted.


couple on bikes

Bicycle transport is currently allowed on about 700 trains, you can check which ones  here

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