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The medium-capacity single-decker


Donizetti launched the service in Lombardy on July 5, 2020, on the Milan-Gallarate-Luino line.


Today this single-decker train also runs on the Colico-Chiavenna, Lecco-Colico-Sondrio, Lecco-Bergamo, Bergamo-Brescia, Brescia-Cremona, Milano-Treviglio-Brescia, Bergamo-Treviglio, Milano-Treviglio-Cremona, Milano-Codogno-Cremona, Cremona-Mantova lines.


Only one deck for a fully accessible environments

With only one deck, Donizetti is fully accessible. In Lombardy it runs in compositions of four carriages, with 260 seats, or three, with 220 seats.


A high-tech train

The new train offers an audio-video information service with LCD display and is Wi-Fi ready. Security is provided by a digital video surveillance camera system: 32 for the four-carriage composition and 24 for the three-carriage composition. Finally, a passenger counter system allows real-time monitoring of the number of travellers on board.


More comfort for passengers

Donizetti welcomes passengers to a bright environment, thanks to large windows that let in natural light. Temperatures in the carriages are self-regulating, thanks to an upgraded air conditioning system. Passenger comfort is also ensured by systems that minimise noise and vibrations.


The seats are equipped with electrical and USB outlets, for powering PCs, tablets and cell phones. Also available to travellers are bicycle storage spaces.


Wide aisles and doors with level platforms make the carriages fully accessible to travellers with reduced mobility.


A greener journey

Donizetti consumes 30% less energy than the previous generation of convoys; it is made of 97 percent recyclable materials.


Air conditioning and ventilation systems are adjusted according to the number of passengers on board. Door closing is programmed to avoid heat loss, and the convoy's LED lighting automatically adjusts based on external light.