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Travel tickets valid for the use of Trenord services

Wednesday 27/12/2023

Trenord is completing the renewal plan of the travel ticket sales and validation system which involves the use of rechargeable electronic tickets ("Chip On Paper" or COP) of electronic season tickets, and/or tickets digital.


According to the provisions of the regional "Electronic Ticketing" project, starting from 1 January 2024, access to all Trenord services - also in the STIBM area - will be permitted exclusively with rechargeable electronic tickets (COP) or in digital format, as well as with subscriptions loaded onto the card.


To travel on Trenord trains in the STIBM area, customers can purchase travel tickets from Trenord channels: ticket offices, self-service, website, App and authorized sales points. The map of the physical sales channels on the STIBM network is available on the ticket offices and resellers page on the Trenord website.


At the moment multi-journey tickets (carnets) are only available on digital channels.

All STIBM travel tickets (tickets, day tickets, multi-journey tickets and season tickets) still sold by ATM on magnetic media cannot be validated on the new Trenord devices.

While awaiting the transition to electronic and digital ticketing by other operators, access to railway services with magnetic travel tickets will be permitted only if already validated at the appropriate validators still available at the other integrated companies (ATM network and automotive operators). Manual validation by the customer is not permitted. For other ways of issuing Stibm tickets (e.g., contactless), reference should be made to the usage and validity guidelines of the individual operators.


Customers in possession of travel documents on magnetic media who must travel on Trenord services and do not have the possibility of validation at the appropriate devices are required to purchase a rechargeable or digital electronic travel document. The magnetic ticket can be used on another occasion, starting from the network of another operator still capable of recognizing and validating this format; alternatively, it will be possible to request a refund from ATM.


We take this opportunity to remind you that, once the journey is over, the rechargeable electronic ticket, issued at no additional cost, must be kept and can be reused to load a new journey.


Further information is available on this site and in the Trenord Conditions of Transport.


Notice 210/2023 [.pdf]