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Rechargeable tickets on COP, purchase and validation method

Friday 08/09/2023

In line with the regional "Electronic Ticketing" project, from 15 May Trenord introduced rechargeable electronic tickets ("chip on paper" or COP).
Once the trip is over, the COP, issued at no additional cost, must be kept and can be reused to charge a new trip.
The COP format also facilitates validation and control operations; therefore, for journeys starting from railway stations in Lombardy, tickets loaded on COP are preferable.
Tickets in COP format can be purchased at Trenord ticket offices and self-service machines. It is also possible to request the ticket in COP format also in authorized railway fare or STIBM resellers (newsstands and tobacconists).

Tickets in COP format can be validated at the new contactless validators, which Trenord is progressively installing in all stations, and at the magnetic ticket and season ticket validators, simply by touching the COP to the card reader (not inserting it into the space reserved for tickets magnetic).

We remind you that it is possible to travel on Trenord trains also using railway or STIBM tickets still issued in magnetic or paper format by resellers of other transport companies. Travel documents of these types must be validated before travel at the previous generation validators, where still present. For other ways of issuing Stibm tickets (e.g., contactless), reference should be made to the usage and validity guidelines of the individual operators.
In the event of departure from locations without suitable validators, passengers are asked to manually validate their travel document before boarding, indicating the date (if not present), the station and the start time of the journey. Further information is available on the Trenord website and in the Trenord Conditions of Transport.


Notice 141/2023 [.pdf]