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Crescono i passeggeri Malpensa Express, che si “rifà il look” per l’occasione

May 23rd, 2022 - 145 trips a day, from 4 in the morning until after midnight; punctuality that exceeds 92%; over 11 thousand passengers a day, more than in 2019: these are the numbers of Malpensa Express , the railway connection between Malpensa Airport and the main stations of the city of Milan, which with the resumption of travel business and leisure has regained travelers, back to pre-Covid levels.


You go back to flying, and to do so you go by train: more and more passengers heading to the airport prefer Malpensa Express to other transport options. In 2019 the percentage was 13.4%, in 2021 it rose to 15%; in the first months of 2022 the figure increased further, reaching 18.5%.


And for the occasion, the Malpensa Express gets a makeover: the 14 Coradia trains that operate the service will be completely renovated. On the outside, the trains will have a new livery, which incorporates that of the Caravaggio and Donizetti trains, but maintains the characteristic red color of the airport service.


The seats and other furnishings will be renewed on board, to the point of giving passengers the impression of boarding a new train. Suitable materials were chosen for the works to contain damage and facilitate restoration in the event of vandalism.


The first “new Malpensa Express” has already entered service; they will all be renewed by November.