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Saronno - Seregno - Milano - Albairate

The Suburban S9 Saronno-Seregno-Milano-Albairate line is part of Route 2.



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Find out more about the Saronno - Seregno - Milano - Albairate line

The Suburban S9 Saronno - Seregno - Milano - Albairate line surrounds the city of Milano and crosses it in the southern districts. Trains of the S9 line depart every 30 minutes and make all stops, excluding Ceriano Laghetto Groane. The first runs in the morning and the last in the evening are limited to Milano Porta Garibaldi.


The suburban, regional and regioexpress lines for Milano Cadorna, Laveno, Varese, Novara and Como, the Malpensa Express Airport service and the suburban service for Lodi also converge in Saronno.

In the direction of Seregno, the trains of the S9 line stop at Cesano Maderno, where there are also the trains of the regional Asso - Milano and the S2 and S4 lines.

The Seregno - Carnate line starts in Seregno, carried out exclusively by bus, while you can take the cross-border RE80 and the S11, with which it shares the route up to Monza. Monza station is an important hub north of Milano, in fact the S7 and S8, the regioexpress for Tirano and the regional one for Bergamo, as well as the RE80 also stop there.

In Sesto San Giovanni it is possible to get off the train and enter the city with the red underground, line M 1.

The S9 trains begin their city journey in Milano Greco Pirelli, where it is possible to take trains to Piacenza, Stradella, Brescia.

The next stop is Milano Lambrate, where you can find 4 regioepxpress lines, 3 regional lines, as well as high-speed and long-distance trains.

Milano Lambrate station is served by the green line M2 of the underground and surface services. One stop away by subway, a few minutes on foot, is the headquarters of the Politecnico di Milano.

In Milano Forlanini, where in addition to the connection with the S5 and S6, there is a connection via the ATM 73 bus that leads to Milano Linate airport.

The trains continue stopping at Milano Porta Romana and Milano Romolo, near the IULM headquarters, until reaching Milano San Cristoforo, where it connects to Mortara - Milano line, with which it shares the route and stops to its destination, Albairate.

The trains of the S9 line take 40 minutes to travel the Saronno - Monza route, less than 20 minutes for the Monza - Milano Lambrate route, 25 minutes for the Milano Lambrate to Milano San Cristoforo route and just over 20 minutes for the final route, up to Albairate. In total, the journey from Saronno to Albairate takes almost an hour and 50 minutes.

he Suburban line S9 Saronno - Seregno - Milano - Albairate crosses the provinces of Milano and Monza and Brianza, where the STIBM integrated tariff system is in force. You can find more information on how it works in the dedicated section of our site.


How long is the trip from Saronno to Albairate?

The distance between Saronno and Albairate is 67 km.


The Trenord railway service of the Suburban S9 Saronno - Seregno - Milan - Albairate line connects Saronno to Albairate in about 1 hour and 50 minutes.
Trains stop at all stations except Ceriano Laghetto Groane.

  • From Saronno: first train 6:05 am; last train 20:35 (21:05 and 22:05 terminate in Milan Porta Garibaldi);
  • From Albairate: first train at 6:08 am (5:14 am, 6:47 am and 6:14 am from Milan Porta Garibaldi); last train 21:08, then a train every 30 minutes until 22:08 ending in Milan Porta Garibaldi).
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How much does the Saronno-Albairate ticket cost?

From Saronno to Albairate the 2nd class price for a Trenord ticket is 6.10€.

The S9 line crosses the provinces of Milan and Monza and Brianza, where the STIBM integrated tariff system is in force. You need to purchase an integrated STIBM ticket only to travel between two stations, both in the STIBM area.

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What are the stops on the S9 line?

The suburban Trenord S9 Saronno-Seregno-Milano-Albairate service stops at:


 Saronno Sud, Ceriano Laghetto-Solaro, Cesano Maderno, Seveso-Baruccana, Seregno, Desio, Lissone-Muggiò, Monza, Sesto San Giovanni, Milano Greco Pirelli, Milano Lambrate, Milano Forlanini, Milano Porta Romana, Milano Tibaldi, Milano Romolo, Milano San Cristoforo, Corsico, Cesano Boscone, Trezzano sul Naviglio, Gaggiano.