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Mantova - Cremona - Codogno - Milano

The RE11 Mantova - Cremona - Codogno - Milano RegioExpress Line is part of the Route 20.

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ATTENTION: Some stations on this line have short platforms. Do not use the last carriages for boarding and alighting from the train.



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Find out more on the Mantova - Cremona - Codogno - Milano line

The RegioExpress RE11 Mantova - Cremona - Codogno - Milano line takes you from the city of the Gonzagas to the Lombard capital in about 2 hours.

From Mantova you arrive at Piadena, where the Brescia - Parma line intersects.

Continuing west, you arrive in Cremona, with connections with the regional lines Brescia - Cremona and Cremona - Treviglio.

In Codogno, on the other hand, it is possible to change to the trains of the Pavia - Codogno and Piacenza - Lodi - Milano regional lines. The same line also crosses in Lodi, together with the suburban S1 Saronno - Milano Passante - Lodi.

Once in Milano, the first stop is Milano Rogoredo: here you can find connections with numerous lines: regional, regioexpress and suburban. In addition to Trenord services, some high-speed and long-distance trains also stop in Milano Rogoredo.

In the Milano Rogoredo station there is the yellow line M3 of the underground and various surface services, both urban and extra-urban. Milano Rogoredo station is not far from the Sky Italia headquarters and the Santa Giulia district.

The next stop is Milano Lambrate, where you can find 3 regioepxpress lines, 3 regional lines and the suburban S9 Saronno - Seregno - Milano - Albairate, as well as high-speed and long-distance trains.

Milano Lambrate station is served by the green line M2 of the underground and surface services. Milano Lambrate is also located near the Lambrate Design District, or Ventura District, a particularly lively area during the Salone del Mobile and full of initiatives now all year round. One stop away by subway, a few minutes on foot, is the headquarters of the Politecnico di Milano.

Finally, the end of the ride is in the Milano Centrale station. Here trains leave for any destination, both regional and regioexpress lines. From Milan Central you can also reach the rest of Italy by train, with Intercity, Frecciarossa and Italo trains, and Europe, with Eurocity.

To move around the city of Milan, on the other hand, at the Milano Centrale station there are two ATM subway lines, the green M2 and the yellow M3, as well as numerous urban and extra-urban surface vehicles and taxi parking lots, as well as various car rental companies. In the area near the Milano Centrale station you can find numerous restaurants, clubs and hotels.

The RegioExpress RE11 Mantova - Cremona - Codogno - Milano line touches some of the most characteristic cities of Lombardia: Mantova, rich in culture, with its palaces, the Duomo, Palazzo Te, but it’s also interesting from a naturalistic point of view, to be discovered with tour of the river Mincio.

Cremona, famous for its Torrazzo, violins and the annual Torrone Fair, and Lodi, with its beautiful Piazza della Vittoria and the Broletto and the river Adda.

You can organize wonderful trips to these cities without having to use a car, at a small price, thanks to the trains of the RegioExpress RE11 Mantova - Cremona - Codogno - Milano line.


How long is the journey from Mantova to Milan?

The distance between Mantova and Milan is 151 km.

The Trenord railway service of the RegioExpress RE11 Mantova - Cremona - Codogno - Milano line connects Mantova to Milano Centrale in approximately 2 hours.

  • From Mantova: first train 5:18 am; last train 20:42.
  • From Milano Centrale: first train at 6:20 am; last train 20:20

Before the departure, always check the timetable and the warnings for any changes to it

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How much does the Mantova-Milano trip cost?

From Mantova to Milano the 2nd class price for a Trenord ticket is 11.50€.

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What are the stops on the Mantova-Milano line?

The Trenord RegioExpress RE11 Mantova-Cremona-Codogno-Milano service stops at: 

Castellucchio, Macaria, Bozzolo, Piadena, Cremona, Ponte d’Adda, Codogno, Lodi, Milano Rogoredo, Milano Lambrate.