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Asso - Milano

The R16 Asso – Milano Regional Line is part of the route 33.

TRAVEL SAFELY: even on regional lines you must sit until all seats are available.



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The Asso - Milano Regional line connects Asso, in the Lariano Triangle, with the Lombard capital in 80 minutes.

The Asso - Milano train stops at all stations between Asso and Cesano Maderno.

In particular, in the Merone station, where it crosses the Como - Molteno - Lecco line, Mariano Comense, from which the S2 line starts, Seveso, where it crosses the S4 line and Cesano Maderno, where you can take the trains of the S9 line.

It then continues without making any further stops to Milano Affori, where you can find the ATM metro, yellow line M3.

The train of the Asso - Milan Regional line also stops in Milano Bovisa; here you can change trains with a regioexpress, 4 regional lines, the Malpensa Express airport lines, the S1 and S3.

The Milano Bovisa station is close to the headquarters of the Bovisa Polytechnic.

Before arriving at your destination, the Asso - Milano train also stops in Milano Domodossola, where you can take the ATM metro, lilac line M5 and you are just a few minutes' walk from the lively CityLife and Portello area.

Finally, the train of the Asso - Milano Regional line ends its journey at the Milano Cadorna station.

In Milano Cadorna there are two ATM subway lines, red M1 and green M2, as well as numerous urban and extra-urban surface vehicles and parking lots for taxis.

The Milano Cadorna station is located a few steps from the Sforzesco Castle and the Milano Triennale, which permanently houses the Design Museum. You can also relax in the shade of the trees of Parco Sempione, or take a walk to the Milano Cathedral or the Brera area, with the Brera Art Gallery and its premises.

If, on the other hand, you want to dedicate a day to nature, going down to Canzo, you can organize a nice excursion to the Corni di Canzo, or, from Erba, to the Buco del Piombo, one of the most famous caves in Lombardia. But in the area there are many places to discover and where you can spend beautiful days, a stone's throw from the city!


How long is the trip from Asso to Milano?

The distance between Asso and Milan is 52 km.

The Trenord train service of the Asso - Milan regional line connects Asso to Milan in about 80 minutes.

  • From Milan Cadorna: first train 06:39am (replacement bus from Erba); last train 9:09pm
  • From Asso: first train at 5:33 am; last train 8:33pm


Before the departure, always check the timetable and the warnings for any changes to it.

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How much does the Asso - Milan Cadorna ticket cost?

From Asso to Milan the 2nd class price for a Trenord ticket is 5,50€.

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What are the stops of the Asso - Milan Cadorna line?

The Trenord R16 service from Asso to Milan Cadorna stops at: Canzo, Caslino d’Erba, Pontelambro-Castelmarte, Erba, Merone, Lambrugo-Lurago, Inverigo, Arosio, Carugo Giussano, Mariano Comense, Cabiate, Meda, Seveso, Cesano Maderno, Milano Affori, Milano Bovisa, Milano Domodossola.