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Como - Mendrisio - Varese

The S40 Como - Mendrisio - Varese Cross Border Line is part of the Route 6.

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ATTENTION: Some stations on this line have short platforms. Do not use the last carriages for boarding and alighting from the train.


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    How long is the trip from Como to Varese via Mendrisio (Switzerland)?

    The Trenord railway service of the S40 Como-Mendrisio-Varese cross-border line connects Como S. Giovanni to Varese in about 48 minutes.

    For the Como - Mendrisio route the train takes about 22 minutes, while between Varese and Mendrisio it takes about 21 minutes.

    How much does the Como-Varese trip (via Mendrisio) cost?

    From Como to Varese (via Mendrisio) the 2nd class price for a Trenord ticket is € 6.40, while in 1st class € 11.00.

    For the Como S. Giovanni - Mendrisio route the ticket costs € 3.40 in 2nd and € 5.50 in 1st class, while for Varese - Mendrisio € 6.20 in 2nd and € 10 in 1st class.

    What are the other stops on the S40 Como-Mendrisio-Varese line?

    The Varese-Como railway connection with the S40, through Switzerland, stops at:

    Induno Olona; Arcisate; Cantello Gaggiolo; Stabio; Mendrisio; Balerna; Chiasso.