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The hybrid-powered train

The latest arrival in Lombardy, Colleoni began its run on Monday, September 12, 2022, on the Brescia-Piadena-Parma line. It is intended for lines without electrification.


Additional trainsets being delivered will be destined for the connection between Brescia and Parma, as well as for the Pavia basin: they will replace the historic Aln668s, which have been in service since the 1970s/80s.


An agile train for non-electrified lines

In a standard 3-carriage composition with 168 seats, Colleoni is powered by two new-generation, low-emission diesel engines, which allow for better performance: it gains 20 percent in acceleration, with a reduction in travel time that is particularly significant in a situation like Lombardy, with many closely spaced stations.


The motors also enable energy recovery during braking and reduce weight on wheel axles, resulting in lower infrastructure maintenance costs.


More benefits for the environment and comfort for passengers

Colleoni consumes 30 percent less fuel, compared to the current fleet, for an estimated saving of 3 million per year. CO2 emissions are also reduced, by 12,4000 tons/year: this is the equivalent of the consumption of 8,600 cars. 93% of the materials from which the convoy is made is recyclable.


Placing the engines in the middle of the train also provides more comfort for passengers: noise and vibration are not transmitted to the carriages.


Technology and safety on board

Colleoni is equipped with 8 bicycle stations; 220V and USB electrical outlets for charging mobile devices are located near the seats.


The carriages are illuminated by LED systems; there are passenger information displays on board, complemented by a light assist system that signals door opening and closing. For travel safety, video surveillance cameras are installed.


Accessibility for people with reduced mobility is made easy by the presence of sliding platforms that compensate for the distance between the door and the platform.