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Browse the categories of trains in the Trenord fleet active in the area, explore the descriptions and details and curiosities about our vehicles.


Technologically advanced, comfortable and ecological: the new "Donizetti" travels at a maximum speed of 160 km per hour and offers over 300 seats in the 4-car composition and over 200 in the 3-car composition.

In the new Donizetti, the carriages offer large seats, equipped with power sockets for PCs, tablets and mobile phones. Lighting is optimized thanks to large windows that allow more natural light to enter. Wide corridors and doors with leveling platforms also make the carriages fully accessible to travelers with reduced mobility.

A comfortable journey, also guaranteed by the reduced noise and vibration levels. The temperatures in the carriages are self-regulating thanks to an enhanced air conditioning system.

The new train offers an audio video information and entertainment service with numerous LCD displays on each vehicle and is Wi-Fi ready. Passenger safety is guaranteed by a digital video surveillance camera system. Finally, a passenger counting system allows you to monitor the number of travelers on board in real time.The new trains comply with the environmental sustainability policy and are 97% recyclable. They consume 30% less energy than the previous generation. No solvents or other toxic chemicals were used in the train production process. The air conditioning and ventilation systems are regulated according to the number of passengers on board. The closing of the doors is programmed in order to avoid heat dispersion. The train's LED lighting adjusts automatically based on the external light.


The first Caravaggio entered passenger service on Monday 3 February 2020, with the first run departing at 6.43 from Rho, bound for Como San Giovanni.

The Rho-Milano Porta Garibaldi-Como line will see 5 of these trains circulate by April. The new trains will progressively replace the current trains used on this line which, although renovated, date back to the 1970


Two floors, 563 seats.


Caravaggio is a high-capacity double-deck convoy - 563 seats in total for the five-carriage composition - arranged in a single room with no doors or dividing sectors. Completely accessible and characterized by very large windows, the new train is equipped with latest generation lighting and air conditioning systems, information and video surveillance, with 50 cameras.

The entrances are equipped with a real-time counting system for people on board [People Counter].

Available to passengers, for each seat there are electrical and USB sockets for recharging mobile devices, multifunctional areas for storing strollers and fixing 12 bicycles, with the possibility of charging electric bikes.

The train is barrier-free for easy access for people with reduced mobility. Two areas, near the fully accessible toilets, are reserved for wheelchairs, with the possibility of anchoring and buttons for the service call.


ETR 425 CORADIA MERIDIAN (Regional Service)

The new Coradia Meridian train is characterized by the wide interiors and by specific arrangements for regional transport.


Designed according to new standards of comfort, safety and accessibility, the Coradia can travel at a maximum speed of 160 km per hour. Many services on board: air conditioning, video surveillance system, internal luminous screens for travel information, sound system for announcements, writings in Braille, 220 V sockets for powering cell phones and laptops, large luggage rack. The entrance flush with the sidewalk facilitates the entry of passengers, while the retractable platforms, installed on each door, allow easy access even for passengers with reduced mobility.

ETR 245 CORADIA MERIDIAN (Malpensa Express)

Every day, more than 15,000 people reach Milano from the international airport of Milano Malpensa, traveling on board the 'Malpensa Express'. This service is carried out by the ETR245 Coradia Meridian electric trains, produced by Alstom, operational since 2011.


The ETR245 is an articulated convoy, made up of 5 cars; 82.2 meters long, it offers 230 seats and ample space for bulky luggage. The ETR245s can travel in double composition.


This train has been designed according to the most modern criteria of comfort and accessibility: level entrance and retractable platforms, low floor, light screens and sound system, 220 V sockets for powering PCs and mobile phones, fire protection system, etc.


The ETR245 has high performance. The maximum speed is 160 km / h.


The TSR (Regional Service Trains) are double-decker electric trains, still in production by AnsaldoBreda and Firema Trasporti, designed to meet the needs of suburban and regional traffic in the most densely populated areas.

These are modular trains with distributed power, composed of a number of double-decker vehicles varying from 3, 4, 5 and 6, offering from 298 to 640 seats. Compositions of up to 12 vehicles are possible.

The TSRs, which have gradually entered service since 2007, are used on the suburban lines S1, S2, S5, S6 and S13 of the Milan railway link and on the Lombardy regional lines.

The end vehicles are equipped with areas equipped to accommodate people with disabilities and reduced mobility, spaces for the transport of bicycles and access platforms to facilitate boarding.

The TSR offers high performance with accelerations similar to those of a metro and a top speed of 140 km / h.


The TAF (High Frequency Trains/Treni ad Alta Frequentazione)) are two-story electric trains, designed by AnsaldoBreda and Firema Trasporti for the high-density commuter service, in service since the late 1990s.

These are fixed-line trains of 4 vehicles offering 467 seats. Compositions of 2 convoys (8 vehicles) are possible.

The end vehicles are equipped with areas equipped to accommodate people with disabilities and reduced mobility, spaces for the transport of bicycles and access platforms to facilitate boarding.

The TAF offers good acceleration performance and a top speed of 140 km / h

ALe 582

These are electromotors produced in a few hundred units between the 1980s and 1990s, for suburban and regional services.

They were among the first Italian rolling stock equipped with electronic drives (chopper) and light alloy bodies, thus guaranteeing high performance.

The maximum speed is 140 km / h.

With these electromotives offering 58 seats, they are in the compositions of the trailers (Le763, Le884) with 76 and 88 seats and semi-pilot trailers (Le562) with 56 seats.

These compositions are mainly used on the Cremona-Brescia-Bergamo, Bergamo-Lecco, Bergamo-Treviglio lines.


In a standard 3-carriage composition with 168 seats, Colleoni is powered by two new-generation, low-emission diesel engines, which allow for better performance: it gains 20 percent in acceleration, with a reduction in travel time that is particularly significant in a situation like Lombardy, with many closely spaced stations.

The motors also enable energy recovery during braking and reduce weight on wheel axles, resulting in lower infrastructure maintenance costs.


Colleoni consumes 30 percent less fuel, compared to the current fleet, for an estimated saving of 3 million per year. CO2 emissions are also reduced, by 12,4000 tons/year: this is the equivalent of the consumption of 8,600 cars. 93% of the materials from which the convoy is made is recyclable.

Placing the engines in the middle of the train also provides more comfort for passengers: noise and vibration are not transmitted to the carriages.


Colleoni is equipped with 8 bicycle stations; 220V and USB electrical outlets for charging mobile devices are located near the seats.

The carriages are illuminated by LED systems; there are passenger information displays on board, complemented by a light assist system that signals door opening and closing. For travel safety, video surveillance cameras are installed.

Accessibility for people with reduced mobility is made easy by the presence of sliding platforms that compensate for the distance between the door and the platform.

ATR 125, ATR 115

They are diesel-electric low-floor trains, produced by the Swiss company Stadler Rail in 2011.


The ATR125 (GTW4 / 12), commonly known as «Besanino», in service on the Milano-Molteno-Lecco line, is made up of 4 cars and 2 central modules which house 4 diesel engines and electric drives. The ATR125 offers 231 seats.


The ATR 115 (GTW2 / 6), in service on Brescia-Iseo-Edolo and Como-Lecco, consists of 2 cars and a central module that houses 2 diesel engines and electric drives. ART115 offers 104 seats.


Both trains can be coupled in multiple. Their top speed is 140 km / h.

ALn 668

The ALn 668 is a diesel railcar with mechanical transmission produced by Fiat Ferroviaria in thousands of units. It has been designed to have versatility and ability to adapt to the most diversified environments. It has 68 seats. The maximum speed varies from 95 to 130 km / h.


Trenord ALn68, produced from the late 70s to early 90s, are used on the Pavia-Codogno, Pavia-Casale Monferrato, Como-Lecco, Brescia-Parma and Brescia-Iseo-Edolo connections.


The Vivalto trains, which came into service progressively since 2005, are generally composed of 6 double-decker cars, one of which is a semi-pilot, and an E464 locomotive. Each convoy offers 721 seats. The maximum speed is 160 km / h.


Vivalto trains are mainly used on the Milano-Domodossola line.


The semi-pilot car houses a multifunctional area designed for the transport of skis, bicycles, luggage and small packages and a toilet equipped for use by passengers with reduced mobility.


The cars are equipped with air conditioning and passenger information systems (luminous displays and sound systems).


These are carriages produced in thousands of units from the beginning of the 1980s to the beginning of the 1990s, for regional and interregional services, in the versions with two paracentral vestibules with double doors and with a vestibule at each end with double doors. simple door.


The MDs have been equipped with air conditioning and are used in reversible trains with a locomotive (E464 or D445) at one end and a semi-pilot car at the other end.


The maximum speed is 160 km / h.


The compositions of MD carriages are mainly used on the Milan-Mantua, Milan-Verona, Milan-Piacenza, Milan-Domodossola and Milan-Tirano connections. On the latter report, 1st class 'Valtellina' carriages are composed with a particular red livery reminiscent of the 'Bernina Express' of the Rhaetian Railways.


The 2nd class carriages offer 82 seats (60 seats for the semi-pilot), the 1st class 'Valtellina' cars have 66 seats.


These are French design carriages produced in over 600 units between the 1980s and 1990s, for suburban and regional services.


These carriages are currently used in reversible trainsets with an E464 locomotive at one end and a semi-pilot car at the other end.


The maximum speed is 140 km / h.


The restyled cars, equipped with air conditioning, offer 132 seats (120 seats for the semi-pilot), while the others offer 150 seats (142 seats for the semi-pilot).


The compositions of double-decker carriages are mainly used on the Milano-Lecco (S8), Milano-Bergamo, Milano-Cremona connections.


The E464 is a single-cab four-axle electric locomotive, designed for regional trains and produced by Bombardier since the late 1990s.


It is the largest existing locomotive in Italy, with over 600 units in service, its maximum speed is 160 km / h.