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Tickets and Timetables for Malpensa Aeroporto Terminal 1 - Milano Porta Garibaldi

Traveling by train with Trenord: discover all the comforts of the Malpensa Aeroporto Terminal 1 - Milano Porta Garibaldi route


Do you need to reach Milano Porta Garibaldi from Malpensa Aeroporto Terminal 1, but you have no intention of getting stuck in highway traffic?

Whether you need to travel for work, leisure, or any other reason, the train is the way to go. Trenord trains can connect you in just 42 minutes without changes and offer you a comfortable and relaxing journey without any worries. The railway connection starts from 05:43 in the morning and continues until 22:43.
This way, you can choose to depart at any time of the day. If you still need information or further clarification, keep reading, and you'll find the answers to all your questions.


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By purchasing the subscription on the website, you avoid queues, and in the case of a monthly bonus, it's automatically discounted.
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Travel Information

The Trenord railway service of the Aeroportuale MXP2 Malpensa - Milano Centrale connects Malpensa Aeroporto Terminal 1 to Milano Porta Garibaldi in approximately 42 minutes.


From Malpensa Aeroporto Terminal 1, the first train is at 05:43, the last train at 22:43.
From Milano Porta Garibaldi, the first train is at 05:35, the last train at 22:35.

Simulate your journey and check train departure times using the timetable engine.

The ticket price varies based on the kilometers traveled or based on tariff zones (in STIBM area). Calculate the price of your journey by entering the origin and destination stations on the railway timetable page.

Reduced tickets are also available for young people and seniors, as well as supplements for transporting bicycles and animals.


The Aeroportuale MXP2 Malpensa - Milano Centrale crosses the provinces of Milan and Monza and Brianza, where the integrated STIBM tariff system is in effect. Only for traveling between two stations, both in the STIBM area, is it necessary to purchase an integrated STIBM ticket.

Departure station

Malpensa Aeroporto Terminal 1

First train


Last train


Travel time

Approximately 42 minutes

The price of a one-way ticket for the route from Malpensa Airport Terminal 1 to Milan Porta Garibaldi is 13€.

Trenord trains connect Malpensa Airport Terminal 1 to Milan Porta Garibaldi in just 42 minutes without any transfers.

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