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Novara - Milano Passante - Treviglio

The Suburban line S6 Novara-Milano Passante-Treviglio is part of Route 1.

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Find out more about Novara - Milano Passante – Treviglio line

The Suburban line S6 Novara - Milano Passante - Treviglio connects the Piedmontese provincial capital to Treviglio, changing at Pioltello, with a route more than 80km long and which crosses the city of Milano.

Trains stop at all 25 stations on the line, with a connection every 30 minutes, in both directions.


The Novara - Mortara regional line also converges in Novara, while in the Novara Fn station, just a few minutes' walk away, there are the trains of the Novara - Saronno - Milano regional line.

In Rho the suburban lines S5 and S11 intersect, the route of which overlaps as far as Milano Porta Garibaldi for the S11 and Pioltello for the S5.


In Rho Fiera Milano, in addition to being able to change with two regioexpress lines and two regional lines, thanks to an underpass, you can reach the ATM metro station, red line M1, or head towards the new international exhibition center of the city, Fiera Milano. For example, the Salone del Mobile and the MICAM, world-renowned trade fairs, are held here.

In Milano Villapizzone it is also possible to connect to the Regioexpress Bergamo - Pioltello - Milano line, then, from the Milano Lancetti station, you enter the Passante Ferroviario, up to Milano Porta Vittoria.

The next station is Milano Forlanini, where in addition to the connection with the S9, there is a connection via the ATM 73 bus that leads to Milan Linate airport.

In Pioltello it is possible to change trains with the regioexpress Verona - Brescia - Milano and Bergamo - Pioltello - Milano lines and the regional Brescia - Treviglio - Milano line.

The journey from Novara to Milano Porta Garibaldi Passante takes about 50 minutes, crossing the Passante Ferroviario, from Milano Lancetti to Milan Porta Vittoria takes almost 15 minutes, while the final stretch between Milano Forlanini and Treviglio takes 50 minutes. In total, the journey from Novara to Treviglio takes just over two hours.


The Suburban line S6 Novara - Milano Passante - Treviglio crosses the provinces of Milano and Monza and Brianza, where the STIBM integrated tariff system is in force. You can find more information on how it works in the dedicated section of our site.


How long is the trip from Novara to Treviglio?

The distance between Novara and Treviglio is 87 km.

The Trenord railway service of the Suburban line S6 Novara - Milano Passante - Treviglio connects Novara to Treviglio, changing at Pioltello in approximately 2 hours.
Trains stop at all stations.

  • From Novara: first train 5:48 am; last train 21:18 (ends in Pioltello);
  • From Treviglio: first train at 5:40 am; last train 22:10
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How much does the Novara-Treviglio ticket cost?

From Novara to Treviglio the 2nd class price for a Trenord ticket is 7.30€.

The S6 line crosses the provinces of Milan and Monza and Brianza, where the STIBM integrated tariff system is in force. You need to purchase an integrated STIBM ticket only to travel between two stations, both in the STIBM area.

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What are the stops of the S6 Novara-Treviglio line?

The Trenord Suburbano S6 Novara-Milano Passante-Treviglio service stops at:


Trecate, Magenta, Corbetta- Santo Stefano Ticino, Vittuone-Arluno, Pregnana Milanese, Rho, Rho Fiera, Milano Certosa, Milano Villapizzone, Milano Lancetti, Milano Porta Garibaldi Passante, Milano Repubblica, Milano Porta Venezia, Milano Dateo, Milano Porta Vittoria, Milano Forlanini, Segrate, Pioltello-Limito, Vignate, Melzo, Pozzuolo Martesana, Trecella, Cassano d’Adda.