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"Choose the train. Do good for the planet." New Trenord commercial nods at sustainability

Monday 23/01/2023

You know when, on board a train, you look at the people around you and wonder who they are, where they are headed, what their story is?


This is precisely what happens to the star of the new Trenord commercial who, sitting in her seat, looks around and wonders, "Where are all these people going?"


And so, from small details, she understands that each of them is travelling to places that are surrounded by greenery or where the air is cleaner. In short, each of them is travelling towards a more sustainable future. Just as you are doing.


Because this is precisely the message Trenord wants to convey: no matter what your destination, travelling by train is one of the most responsible choices you can make, because it allows you to reduce traffic and CO2 emissions. In addition, the more people choose the train, the more sustainable the trip becomes.


The train is always the train.