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Il riciclo dell’acqua nel deposito di Novate Milanese

10 million liters per year: this is the water requirement for cleaning Trenord trains in the Novate Milanese depot alone. In the plant, which covers an area of 154 thousand square meters, starting from March 2022 a new plant will be put into operation and tested with which we will be recovered and reused 100% of the rainwater, reintroducing the surpluses, purified and filtered, again in the underground water cycle.


Rainwater is collected through a piping system in a 240 cubic meter tank; from there it is relaunched to a special station, which sorts the water by first sending it to a relaunch section, where it is isolated, sanded and filtered for use. The surplus is sent to a battery of dispersing wells.


A best practice, applicable in the future also to Trenord's other 5 maintenance depots, illustrated in this interview by Manuela Bozza, head of Trenord's Environment and Sustainability structure and creator of the project.