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March 24th, 2022 - A new green area of 41,000 hectares will grow along the railway network, which will make the train ecosystem, green par excellence, even more sustainable. This is the heart of the Piantalalì initiative, created by Trenord together with the FNM Group as part of the Fili project, which will bring thousands of new trees and shrubs to 24 municipalities crossed by the Ferrovienord network.


In the municipalities involved, planting and reforestation interventions will be carried out on uncultivated green areas adjacent to stations and tracks, to give these environments new value and to "connect" them to residential and commercial areas with a "green" belt. The support of partners such as the Lombardy Foundation for the Environment (FLA) will make it possible to identify the most appropriate actions for each territory and the native species to be planted.


An initiative that passengers of the Lombard railway service will be able to appreciate, letting their gaze run from the train window or on the way home.

Piantalalì is part of wider paths that FNM and Trenord are pursuing to contribute to the environmental sustainability of the mobility system and to increase the value that the train brings to the territory. Strategic in the initiative is the collaboration with the Municipalities, which are called to actively collaborate in the implementation of projects capable of grasping the real needs of each citizen.


The first municipality affected by the project is Cormano. In an area of ??over 62 thousand square meters that extends alongside the tracks, crossed by a pedestrian path leading to the railway underpass and bordered by city gardens, new trees and shrubs are already being planted, chosen from native species (in this case, trees of first size such as lime trees, hornbeams, ash trees, birches, poplars, apple trees). The project also provides for the replacement of dead or damaged specimens and the cleaning of uncultivated areas. The citizens of Cormano will be able to reach the station by walking on the path - which will be lined with new rows - and will see the area surrounding their gardens repopulate with greenery.


Piantalalì also provides for the constant maintenance of the areas subject to intervention, a fundamental element for the management of green areas.


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