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Il nostro primo semestre del 2022

In the first half of 2022 Trenord welcomed back over 600 thousand passengers a day: this is the record in the post Covid period, reached between May and June. The return of customers can also be seen on the Malpensa Express connection, which is slowly gaining passenger shares on the other means of transport available to Malpensa airport.


Trenord works to welcome passengers back: the company is increasingly digital thanks to channels such as the App, which is used every day by 72 thousand unique customers. That's double compared to 2019, when the App had 61,000 fewer unique users. Another focus is the sales network, which will become increasingly paperless and innovative.


One step in this process is the installation by 2023 of 242 new electronic ticket offices in 182 stations, reached by 92% of Trenord passengers. .