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Promotion valid until December 31, 2023


10% discount on the train ticket for the Lombard routes along the Via Francisca

What you can do

The Via Francisca del Lucomagno is an ancient historical path that connects central Europe to the Po Valley. The itinerary starts from Costanza and ends in Pavia where it joins the Via Francigena that leads to Rome. In Italy the journey begins in Lavena Ponte Tresa, in the province of Varese, and then crosses many natural parks, Unesco sites, places rich in history, cultural heritage and artistic masterpieces. The itinerary allows you to discover unexpected beauties on foot and recover the harmony between your body, nature and inner places. You too can take this unique journey, retracing even just a short stretch of the Via Francisca in Lombardia, combining the use of the train with the pleasure of a walking excursion between nature and culture, to rediscover yourself



Gite in treno - Via Francisca

Castiglione Olona (Varese, Lombardy, Italy) - View of the historic town

What's included

For all Trenord customers, in possession of the Pellegrino Credential (which can be requested through the official channels of the Province of Varese or online on the website, 10% discount on the purchase of the ticket for the railway routes along the Lombard side of the Via Francisca, from which it will then be possible to continue the journey on foot along the way.


In addition, the following ticket offices, interested in the route of the Via Francisca, will be able to put the stamp of the stage on the Pilgrim's Credential:

  • Varese FS;
  • Varese FN;
  • Busto Arsizio FS;
  • Busto Arsizio FN;

Terms of use

The 10% discounted train ticket can be purchased for now only at the ticket offices of Varese FS, Varese FN, Busto Arsizio FS and Busto Arsizio FN, only by showing one's own Pellegrino credential; once validated, it is valid for 3 hours for sections within 50 km, 6 hours for sections between 51 and 200 km, 24 hours for sections over 200 km.

The Pilgrim must always be able to show the ticket and the Credential to the control staff, if without only one of the two, he is considered without a valid travel document.

The discount applies only to the routes between the stations concerned for 2nd Class travel on Trenord trains (no Malpensa Express).

If you are traveling with bikes, the bike supplement must be purchased at the ordinary rate.

The ticket is non-refundable.

The 10% discount can only be combined with the 50% discount for children.

Groups of more than 10 people must first contact the Trenord Groups Office, by filling in and sending the appropriate form, which can be downloaded from, to the email address

The promotion is valid until December 31, 2023.

How to get there

The sections concerned, for which the discounted rate is applicable, are included between the following stations:

  • Busto Arsizio FN
  • Busto Arsizio FS;
  • Castellanza;
  • Gazzada-Schianno;
  • Varese-Casbeno;
  • Varese FN;
  • Varese FS;
  • Venegono Superiore-Castiglione Olona.




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Promotion valid until December 31, 2023


10% discount on the train ticket for the Lombard routes along the Via Francisca


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