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Beato Angelico. Storie dell’infanzia di Cristo.

From 28 October 2023 to 28 January 2024 the Carlo Maria Martini Diocesan Museum in Milan (entrance from 3, Piazza Sant'Eustorgio) will host the “Capolavoro per Milano”, the fifteenth event of its kind which, as usual, will welcome visitors throughout the Christmas period.


The work on display this year is by Fra Angelico: Stories of Christ's childhood. Panel from the Armadio degli Argenti from the San Marco Museum in Florence. This is an extraordinary wooden component from the Armadio degli Argenti, from the San Marco Museum in Florence, which houses the largest collection of works by this artist, one of the greatest painters of the Italian Renaissance. The work, commissioned by Piero Cosimo de' Medici and painted between 1450 and 1452, is dedicated to Stories of Christ's Childhood, from The Annunciation to Christ Amongst the Doctors, starting with Ezekiel's Vision.

It presents a detailed narrative sequence, a sort of illustrated Bible. Particularly striking in this miniature pictorial cycle, featuring the atmospheric lighting effects and dazzling colours typical of Fra Angelico, are the delicate Annunciation and, a favourite theme of this artist, the intimate and intense Nativity, with an extraordinary artificial lighting effect, as well as Circumcision, set in a temple which also reveals the artist's awareness of the architectural innovations of the time.



Trenord season ticket holders in possession of the IO VIAGGIO card will be able to purchase entrance tickets to the exhibition at a reduced rate: “adult” tickets at 7€ (instead of 9€) and “children's” tickets (from 6 to 18 years old) for 4€ (instead of 6€).

The ticket is also valid for entrance to the Diocesan Museum and its permanent collections.



The promotion, which cannot be combined with other concessions, is valid for the purchase of exhibition tickets that can be used on the same day by the travel pass holder and his or her accompanying persons. To obtain the discount you must:

  • for purchases at the ticket office (Piazza Sant'Eustorgio 3, Milan): show your valid IO VIAGGIO card (with an identity document), for the discounted purchase of a maximum of 2 tickets at the "adult" rate and 2 tickets at the "child" rate;
  • online purchases from the website (section: Orari e Biglietti): select "Ingresso Museo Diocesano di Milano", choose the day and time of the visit, select "Museo Diocesano Ridotto Individuale", for the purchase of a maximum of 4 tickets at the "adult" rate; and select "Abbonati Trenord in possesso di tessera IO VIAGGIO ", for the purchase of a maximum of 4 tickets at the "child" rate (+ €1 online presale).


Promotion valid until 28 January 2024