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The "Lioness of Italy", the name given to her by the poet Giosuè Carducci for the courage shown during the Ten Days insurrection, is a city of culture and passion.


A journey through time between the Brixia Romana, Unesco license plate, and the elegance of the Renaissance: marvelous lounge squares, a crenellated castle, two cathedrals, a theater born as a tribute to Napoleon Bonaparte and how to forget the Civic Museums among which that of Santa Giulia stands out , Unesco Heritage since 2011.


Here the roaring engines of the famous "1000miglia" start here in May, a fixed appointment for the city since 1927, and here in September the most popular "Opera Festival" in the world takes place, which transforms the entire city in a magical open-air theater.

All-inclusive culture

The Musei Lombardia Pass is the card that allows you to freely and whenever you wish to access museums, royal residences, villas, gardens, towers, permanent and temporary collections and exhibitions in Milano and the cities of art in Lombardy.


If you are a Trenord subscriber in possession of an electronic card, you can purchase the Pass at a special dedicated price!

How to get there


5 regional lines and 2 RegioExpress lines take you to Brescia.



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