Trenord for business

Trenord promotes the use of the train in Lombardy for home-work commuting, offering benefits and discounts for the purchase of annual passes on all Lombard railway lines operated by Trenord for employees, shareholders and associates of companies, organizations, associations and recreational clubs.

Discover the benefits offered to employees:

Trenord annual passes

Io Viaggio Ovunque in Lombardia passes



1. The company complete the registration on the site;

2. The company signs the agreement with Trenord;

3. The company identifies a company contact for the management of subscriptions;

4. Trenord provides a special online section for the registration of employees / shareholders / collaborators of the affiliated company;

5. IThe employee / shareholder / collaborator receives an e-mail confirming the registration;

6. The employee / shareholder / collaborator selects the desired pass;

7. The company contact person approves the request of the employee / shareholder / collaborator;

8. Trenord makes subscriptions available at the company headquarters;

9. The company contact person delivers the subscriptions to the employees / shareholders / collaborators;

10. Trenord issues an invoice to the company with the total amount of monthly requested subscriptions;

11. The company requires the payment of the subscription in the manner agreed with the employee.