Bike Transport


Bicycle and train: a beautiful combination that offers advantages in daily life and leisure time.

In Lombardy you can travel on Suburban trains "S", Regional "R", RegioExpress "RE" and Fast Regional "RV" taking your bicycle with you, where provided.


It is possible to transport bicycles on the train under certain conditions 
Trains with carriages used for transporting bicycles are indicated in the railway timetable with the bicycle symbol;

In trains without dedicated areas, it is allowed to carry up to a maximum of 5 bicycles per carriage, as long as this does not affect the regular train service. In particularly crowded cases, the on-board personnel have the right to restrict the access of bicycles, even those with the appropriate badge;

Transportation of more than one bicycle per traveler is not permitted;

Loading / unloading of the bicycle is always the responsibility of the traveler;

Inside the stations, on the docks and in the pedestrian underpasses, the bike must be carried by hand.

Practical tips for traveling with your own bicycle

The procedures to travel by bike on Trenord trains are:

• loading it directly on the train, paying for a specific ticket [see below Bicycle Supplement];

• transporting the disassembled bike in a special bag or duly packaged * [for free];

• taking your folding bike with you, even without a bike bag [for free].

*Remember: duly packaged bikes, enclosed in the special bag or the folding bikes must not exceed the dimensions of 80x110x40 cm, they must occupy the space of a common hand luggage and must not hinder others.


  Groups of more than 10 people with bikes must first contact the Group Office.



Traveler who wish, can purchase an ordinary 2nd class ticket for the transport of his bicycle for a route corresponding to the route he has taken [one single ticket, one way or return only].

For the transport of the bicycle on the Milan urban routes the traveler will not have to buy any tickets.

The bicycle supplement is available both as a day ticket (valid for 24 hours from validation, costing € 3) and as an annual pass (valid for one year from the date of issue; cost € 60) and can be purchased at all ticket offices, retailers and ticket vending machines. The daily bicycle supplement can also be purchased online on this site.



Valid 24 hours from validation on trains within the Lombardy tariff borders


Annual pass valid on trains within the Lombardy tariff borders