BONUS. General rules
The Bonus is a form of reimbursement that is paid to subscribers to the Regional Railway Service in the event that Trenord does not comply with the minimum standard of reliability established by the Service Contract. This standard is defined by a "threshold value", after which the company is obliged to repay.

For each route, each month the minutes of delay exceeding 5 minutes accumulated by the individual journeys are added to the minutes of the totally suppressed journeys. The data thus obtained is compared to the total duration of all the journeys of that route, according to the provisions of the Service Contract; if the resulting value exceeds the minimum standard of reliability, the Trenord subscribers of the concerned route are awarded the Bonus.


BONUS. Procedures for granting a bonus
AUTOMATIC PROCEDURE (and therefore it does not need to be requested) for monthly passes [purchased online at, at authorized ATMs, at Trenord ticket offices, on Intesa Sanpaolo Home Banking and at stations ticket vending machines] to the Regional Single Rate for Lombardia and TrenoCittà (limited to the railway quota): the reduction, equal to 30% of the tariff (except for the S5 Treviglio-Milan-Varese line, whose reimbursement percentage is equal to 25% of the value of the subscription), is automatically applied to the purchase of the 3rd month subscription after the month for which the minimum standard of reliability has been exceeded.

, for annual season tickets at the regional single rate for Lombardia: the reduction is equal to 1/12 of 10% of the subscription price for each month in which the threshold has been exceeded on the route used, up to a maximum annual value of 10% of the subscription price.
In this case, the subscriber must complete the appropriate refund form available ONLINE, at the Trenord ticket offices and on My Link Points of Milan Cadorna and Milan P.ta Garibaldi, enclosing the original subscription.
The request can be presented starting from the 3rd month following the one for which the bonus is requested (or upon the expiration of the subscription itself) and until the entire 5th month following the one for which the bonus is requested. TRENORD will provide the bonus in the form of a refund.


• For season tickets that involve several routes, the Bonus is recognized for the longest route;

• Subscribers of the Milan - Rho; Milan - Monza; Milan - Pioltello e Milan - Saronno routes are excluded from the Bonus;

• For the ROUTE "S5 Treviglio - Milan - Varese", the reimbursement percentage is equal to 25% of the subscription value.