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Cross Border Lines

RE10 Line [Milano-Ticino]

27 daily connections (13 Ticino-Milan journeys and 14 Milan-Ticino journeys).

The RE10 connections stop in Bellinzona, Giubiasco, Lamone-Cadempino, Lugano, Lugano Paradiso, Mendrisio, Chiasso, Como S. Giovanni, Albate-Camerlata, Seregno, Monza and Milano Centrale.



S10 Line [Como-Chiasso-Mendrisio-Bellinzona]

Connections every 30' between Bellinzona and Chiasso and every 60' between Chiasso and Como (from 5.00 to 24.00).

Using the S40 Como-Mendrisio-Varese connections too, it is possible to travel between Mendrisio and Como every 30'.

The S10 and S50 connections are linked at Mendrisio and continue as a single convoy to Bellinzona. From Bellinzona the S10 departing at the .34 minute travels coupled at the head of the S50. In Mendrisio the two convoys are separated and the S10 continues to Chiasso – Como S. Giovanni, while the S50 continues its journey to Varese and Malpensa Airport.



Linea S30 [Bellinzona–Cadenazzo–Luino–Gallarate]

The S30 line is the cross-border connection that reaches Gallarate from Ticino, passing through Gambarogno and the Luino Area.

Depending on the connection chosen, the S30 leaves from Bellinzona or Cadenazzo, continuing to Luino or Gallarate and stopping at all the stations of the regional service.

From Gallarate it is also possible to reach the international airport of Milan Malpensa (Terminal 1 and 2) thanks to the interchange with the S50 line.



S40 Line [Como-Mendrisio-Varese]

Direct connections every 60'(from 5.30 to 20.00) from Monday to Saturday.

Using the S50 Bellinzona-Lugano-Varese-Malpensa and S10 Como-Chiasso-Mendrisio-Bellinzona connections, it is possible to travel between Como and Varese every 30'(with a change in Mendrisio).

The entire Como-Varese route is covered in about 40'.



S50 Line [Malpensa-Varese-Mendrisio-Bellinzona]

Direct daily connections every 60' (from 6.00 to 23.00).

Using also the S40 Como-Mendrisio-Varese connections, it is possible to travel between Mendrisio and Varese every 30' (with a change in Mendrisio). 

The S50 line also allows you to reach the international airport of Milano Malpensa (Terminals 1 and 2) with connections every hour and stops at all regional traffic stations.





Map of the Cross Border Lines