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Thursday 21/01/2021

Every day 2,125 journeys in Lombardy, 1,619 trains reaching Milan, 1,041,000 seats (+ 7% compared to 2019) and 116,000 km traveled.

While awaiting the reopening of schools and the return in the presence of all the students, Trenord has already enhanced the rail transport service offered.

There are 2,125 journeys in Lombardia every weekday; only the city of Milan is served by 1,619 trains that make 10,712 stops and offer 924,000 seats. In the 25 railway stations in the municipality of Milan, trains carry out 6,628 stops. At the peak of the morning, between 7 and 9, 282 trains circulate in the Lombard capital alone, for a total of 167,000 seats offered. Trenord has also strengthened the compositions reaching a total of 1,041,000 seats (+ 7% compared to 2019).

On public transport - trains and buses - the maximum filling limit of 50%, established by the law to deal with the Covid-19 emergency, remains in force.

To this end, Trenord is making the maximum possible offer available on the Lombard railway lines, given the capacity of the infrastructure and the availability of vehicles.

For this reason, the company invites all customers to encourage students first of all in using the trains, choosing, as far as possible, travel solutions outside peak hours.

In fact, everyone's commitment is needed to encourage a gradual return of people on regional trains, triggering the traveler's confidence in the ability to move safely by train, always respecting the rules of conduct during the entire duration of the journey.

Mobility by public transport will be progressively less systematic but more diluted throughout the day, and certainly determined by a different organization of social times. Trenord welcomes the challenge posed by Covid-19 to the mobility system as a whole by strengthening its transport offer since the beginning of the year.