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From Monday 12 April, between Milan and Domodossola, 22 races a day with the new Caravaggio

Wednesday 07/04/2021

Caravaggio arrives in Arona and Domodossola: from Monday 12 April the new high-capacity trains of Trenord will enter service on the line that, skirting Lake Maggiore, reaches Verbano and Val d’Ossola.

There are four new Caravaggio in service on the line, for a total of 22 journeys: 11 on the RegioExpress Milano Centrale-Domodossola line and 11 on the Milano Porta Garibaldi-Arona-Domodossola link: 5 oh them with departure or destination Arona, 6 will be to and from Domodossola.


The trains, produced by Hitachi and part of the order of 222 new trains for Lombardia, are equipped with the most modern technologies for a journey in full comfort: in addition to screens that give travel information in real time, all seats are equipped with of electrical and USB sockets, useful for charging mobile devices. The LED lamps, in the evening, allow strong illumination of the car, while the air conditioning systems are self-regulating.

The Caravaggio, on these lines, circulates in compositions of 4 cars with 445 seats, as well as reserved seats for passengers with disabilities, mothers with wheelchairs, bicycles.

Safety is at the center: 44 cameras have been positioned along the convoy for the safety of all passengers.

The Caravaggio is a train that is also suitable for going to see the most beautiful destinations in Lombardia. Thanks to the panoramic windows, from Arona upwards it is possible to enjoy the wonderful landscape of Lake Maggiore.