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BienNoLo 2021 Art Exhibition

Tuesday 28/09/2021

From October 1st to 10th 2021 the second edition of BienNoLo will take place, the Biennale of contemporary art in Milan, curated by Rossana Ciocca, Matteo Bergamini, Gianni Romano and conceived by Carlo Vanoni, with the participation of over fifty artists, from the great masters to beginners. It is an artistic event spread across different exhibition venues throughout the city, to bring the public closer to the exhibition, its themes, and the practice and thought of contemporary art, making it more accessible at a popular level.


An absolute novelty of this edition is the creation of an artistic installation inside a carriage of a Trenord train - partner of the event - which will circulate on the Como-Saronno-Milan, Milan-Asso, Camnago-Milan lines from 4 to 10 October. Bovisa-Milano Cadorna S4 and Saronno-Milano-Lodi S1, crossing the Metropolitan City of Milan. The work, called "Unexpected Landscapes", created by the Croatian artist Igor Eskinja, in collaboration with Trenord, consists of a series of adhesive installations, made of colors and words, applied in the corridor and on some internal walls of the wagon, whose central theme is the journey with its landscapes.



An authorized BienNoLo guide will be on board the carriage every day during the indicated period, from 12 to 20, who will be able to illustrate the characteristics of the artistic installation to interested passengers.


Access to the carriage, transformed into a work of art, does not require the payment of any additional ticket with respect to the regular ticket which the customer-visitor must, in any case, be in possession of in order to board.

Interested customers can check every day on this page, on social channels or through the notifications received on the Trenord APP, the routes and times in which the carriage set up to be able to visit it will travel.


Click here for the routes and timetables of October 8th.


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