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The numbers of vandalism

Thursday 20/01/2022

The train is good for everyone and everyone, and anyone who damages it affects not only Trenord, but also the staff and other travelers.


In fact, vandalism results in inconvenience for passengers, who have to deal with delays, cancellations, waits and crowding, and for capreno, train drivers, assistance staff, who find themselves managing unforeseen situations and sometimes voltage.

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Every year on average 189,439 m2 of graffiti are recorded on Trenord trains; 523 shattered glass; 3362 seats destroyed; 4324 glass breakers stolen. The cleaning and restoration interventions involve significant costs for the company, in addition to those resulting from the unexpected stops of the trains in the depot, for maintenance.


Vandalism is a problem for everyone: if you witness an incident, report it immediately to the staff on board the train or at the station. Only the efforts of each can contribute to making everyone's journey more smooth and enjoyable!