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The new Caravaggio trains land on the Milano-Varese-Porto Ceresio line

Tuesday 01/02/2022

Caravaggio trains for the first time overlook the border with Ticino, reaching Lake Lugano: from Tuesday 1 February, two new high-capacity Trenord trains will run on the Milan-Gallarate-Varese-Porto Ceresio line, covering more than 40% of the overall service, i.e. 16 trips out of 37.




By March, the entire fleet of this line will be made up of the new Caravaggio, replacing the Coradia Meridians, which will be moved to the Valtellina lines.The Caravaggios offer complete accessibility and a comfortable environment, thanks to self-regulated air conditioning systems and LED lighting, electrical and USB sockets useful for charging mobile devices.In compositions of four carriages with 445 seats, the Caravaggio will offer passengers of the Milan-Porto Ceresio even more sustainable high-capacity travel solutions: the trains are built with innovative and 96% recyclable materials.The trains are equipped with audio and video solutions for on-board information and 42 cameras for video surveillance; they have 12 places dedicated to the transport of bicycles.The two Caravaggio are among the 222 new trains purchased by the Lombardy Region for Trenord with an investment of approximately 2 billion euros, which will progressively make it possible to change the face of the Lombard railway service. With the two entrances in service, the number of new trains already in circulation on the Lombard lines rises to 39, 29 Caravaggio double deck and 10 Donizetti single deck.



Guarda il video dei nuovi Caravaggio



The journeys made by the new Caravaggio trains from 1 February From Milano to Porto Ceresio

  • 2516 (Milano Porta Garibaldi 5.32-Porto Ceresio 6.45)
  • 2520 (Milano Porta Garibaldi 6.32-Porto Ceresio 7.45)
  • 2532 (Milano Porta Garibaldi 9.32-Porto Ceresio 1.45)
  • 2536 (Milano Porta Garibaldi 10.32-Porto Ceresio 11.45)
  • 2548 (Milano Porta Garibaldi 13.32-Porto Ceresio 14.45)
  • 2552 (Milano Porta Garibaldi 14.32-Porto Ceresio 15.45)
  • 2564 (Milano Porta Garibaldi 17.32-Porto Ceresio 18.45)
  • 2568 (Milano Porta Garibaldi 18.32-Porto Ceresio 19.45)


From Porto Ceresio to Milano

  • 2525 (Porto Ceresio 7.16-Milano Porta Garibaldi 8.28)
  • 2529 (Porto Ceresio 8.16-Milano Porta Garibaldi 9.28)
  • 2541 (Porto Ceresio 11.16-Milano Porta Garibaldi 12.28)
  • 2545 (Porto Ceresio 12.16-Milano Porta Garibaldi 13.28)
  • 2557 (Porto Ceresio 15.16-Milano Porta Garibaldi 16.28)
  • 2561 (Porto Ceresio 16.16-Milano Porta Garibaldi 17.28)
  • 2573 (Porto Ceresio 19.16-Milano Porta Garibaldi 20.28)
  • 2577 (Porto Ceresio 20.16-Milano Porta Garibaldi 21.28)