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Il nuovo tornio del deposito di Novate Milanese

January 27, 2022

Putting the wheels back in order after many kilometers on the Lombard tracks: it is one of the many jobs “hidden” from travelers that are carried out every day in the warehouses and workshops of Trenord, for the efficiency and safety of the daily train service. The new high-precision lathe, purchased for the Novate Milanese warehouse with an investment of 8 million euros, will speed up operations.


Built in 306 days in Germany, the new lathe turned the first train on 2 December 2021. Using the most advanced technology in Italy for this type of operation, it allows you to work all the wheels of an entire train in a single day , a time in which the predecessors came to turn a carriage at most.


A new lathe - with the same characteristics as the one installed in Novate - will be purchased for the Milan Fiorenza depot, allowing the turning operations of the new one to be speeded up Trenord fleet.