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CREMONAKnown throughout the world as "City of Art and Music," Cremona is the cradle of the violin. Here one of the oldest jobs in the world, that of violin maker, has been handed down through generations and then there is the Violin Museum. Framing the medieval Piazza del Comune, the beautiful monuments that surround it captivate the eye: the Cathedral dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta; the Torrazzo, the highest in Italy at 121 m; the Baptistery; the Gothic Loggia dei Militi; and the Town Hall. A short walk from the centre, the Church of St. Augustine and Palazzo Fodri, one of the best examples of the Lombardy Renaissance style, are also worth a visit. Don't miss a visit to the sumptuous Teatro Ponchielli, home of important musical and theatrical seasons and excellent location for an unforgettable evening.


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CATTEDRALE_LODIA small Lombard town in the lower Po Valley, Lodi, despite its simplicity, is a town rich in art, history, and events. In the heart of Lodi, in the famous Piazza della Vittoria, you will find the most important city's most historical buildings: the neoclassical Broletto palace; the fifteenth-century Palazzo Vistarini; the Romanesque Basilica della Vergine Assunta cathedral that took over a century to build; and the Tempio Civico dell'Incoronata, a masterpiece of the Bramantean Lombardy Renaissance style.

The city has numerous green areas that offer moments of great peace and relaxation: the public gardens; the Park of Carolina Island and the Begliardino Wood, located on the banks of the River Adda; and, finally, the Lungo Adda Bonaparte, a place much loved by Giosuè Carducci.


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MANTOVAMantua, the city of the Gonzagas, lies on the banks of the Mincio River. Hymned for its beauty and romance by famous writers such as Virgil, Baudelaire, and Dickens, the city tells a story of transition through its many monuments. The Rotonda di San Lorenzo, Palazzo Te, Palazzo Ducale, and the Duomo are just a few examples of the great architectural wealth preserved in this quiet and elegant city. Enjoy the peace and quiet of the surrounding nature on a tour of Mincio. Departing from Mantua, surrounded on three sides by water, enjoy the city's charming, unspoiled skyline by boat.

Trenord customers get discounts of up to 50% on entry to the main Mantua museums and monuments (The Palazzo Te and San Sebastiano Museums and events, the Palazzo della Ragione, and the Bibiena Theatre)


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PONTE_COPERTOPavia is a dynamic, modern town in the heart of the Lombard plain. Home of one of the oldest universities in the world, it was also home to illustrious professors such as Alessandro Volta and Ugo Foscolo. Rich in art, culture, and nature. Its history begins in the Romanesque era and the pinnacle of its pride was becoming the capitol of the Lombard Kingdom. It preserves many testimonies to this history in the prestigious Visconteo Castle Civic Museums. Several itineraries allow you to appreciate the historical monuments and works of art created over many centuries in the city: San Pietro in Ciel d'Oro, where the remains of St. Augustine are kept; the Basilica di San Teodoro with its Romanesque and Renaissance frescoes; the Basilica di San Michele  Maggiore, a masterpiece of the Pavia Romanesque style; and the numerous towers, thanks to which Pavia has earned the name of the "City of 100 Towers"..

Don't miss a walk on the romantic Ponte Vecchio, which connects the historic centre with the picturesque Borgo Ticino District.


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