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Compensation for STIMB seasonal tickets


In agreement with the Lombardy Region, the form of mitigation (Resolution of the Regional Council of Lombardy No. XI / 2088 of 31.07.2019, following the application of the new integrated tariff system STIBM) applicable to customers of railway services only is extended for all 2021.

ATTENTION: Customers who, pursuant to the Regulations, have already joined the initiative by the originally set deadline of 30 September 2020, can therefore request a refund for mitigation of the monthly and annual passes, for the monthly payments valid in 2021,, in the usual way. 



Please note that also for all the months of 2021 (from January to December 2021) it will be necessary to accessogni mese al the mini-site dedicated to STIBM mitigation every month to notify the purchases of the new STIBM monthly subscriptions for which it is intended to request reimbursement for mitigation.

The notification operation will be repeated every month, by day 10 in the case of monthly subscriptions, or once only in the case of annual subscriptions.
For the monthly payments from January to June, the single term will be 10 June 2021.



The amount recognized to the customer will be paid according to the following deadlines:

  • by July 2021 (monthly from January to June)
  • by October 2021 (monthly from July to September)
  • by January 2021 (monthly payments from October to December)