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The medium capacity single storey for fast journeys


Technologically advanced, comfortable and ecological: the new "Donizetti" travels at a maximum speed of 160 km per hour and seats over 300 in the 4-car composition and over 200 in the 3-car composition.

New Donizetti train from Trenord

A comfortable and accessible train


In the new Donizetti the carriages offer spacious seats , equipped with power sockets and PCs, tablets and mobile phones. The lighting is optimized thanks to large windows that allow more natural light to enter.


Wide corridors and doors with level platforms also make the carriages totally accessible for travelers with reduced mobility. A comfortable journey, also guaranteed by the noise and vibration levels reduced to a minimum. The temperatures in the carriages are self-regulating thanks to an enhanced air conditioning system .

A high-tech train: more comfort and information for passengers

The new train offers information and audio-video entertainment with numerous LCD displays on each vehicle and is Wi-Fi ready. The safety of passengers is guaranteed by a digital video surveillance camera system. Finally, a passenger counting system allows you to monitor the number of travelers on board in real time.

An environmentally friendly and energy saving train

The new trains comply with the environmental sustainability policy and are 97% recyclable. They consume 30% less energy than the previous generation. No solvents or other toxic chemicals were used in the train production process. The air conditioning and ventilation systems are regulated according to the number of passengers on board. The closing of the doors is programmed in order to avoid heat dispersion. The train's LED lighting adjusts automatically based on the external light.

New Donizetti train from Trenord