Name-free MY LINK CARD

The "Name-free MY LINK CARD" can be used to load single tickets and multi-journey tickets.



NAME-FREE because it does not require any personal profile, 
LOADABLE because you can use it to load single and multi-journey tickets.


The card can be purchased at the price of €2 exclusively at authorised TRENORD ticket offices. The card is valid for 4 years from the date of purchase.


You can use the NAME-FREE MY LINK CARD to load one or two single tickets [Trenord or Malpensa Express], as well as a Trenord multi-journey ticket for 10 journeys [with origin and destination].

• Tickets loaded onto this card are valid for journeys in either direction;
• Each single ticket [or multi-journey ticket] is valid for one passenger only;

• Validation is compulsory and must be carried out at the special validation machines and turnstiles at train stations.

Please note, the name-free MY LINK CARD can be used only on lines in the FERROVIENORD network:
• Laveno-Varese-Saronno-Milano;
• Como-Saronno-Milano;
• Novara-Saronno-Milano;
• Asso-Seveso-Milano;
• Milano-Malpensa;
• Saronno-Milano-Lodi;
• Mariano/Camnago-Seveso-Milano.


Once loaded, the card must be passed through the validation machine for each journey and, in a case where both a single ticket + a multi-journey ticket are loaded on the card (regional fare or Malpensa) with the same station of departure, the card will deduct, upon passing the turnstiles or validation machine, the single ticket first.

The uses for single tickets and multi-journey tickets are those currently valid and governed by the current General Transport Conditions.