1st Generation IO VIAGGIO card can no longer be request. Get now NEW IO VIAGGIO CARD from the Trenord e-STORE.

All customers who own free IO VIAGGIO card can continue to use it, until its natural expiry, to purchase their passes.




The IO VIAGGIO card allows you to purchase and load the range of promotional passes for those travelling in Lombardy: IO VIAGGIO TRENOCITTA', IO VIAGGIO OVUNQUE IN PROVINCIA, IO VIAGGIO OVUNQUE IN LOMBARDIA.

All integrated IO VIAGGIO passes can be loaded onto the IO VIAGGIO card: 

• Io Viaggio Ovunque in Lombardia ( weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual);
• Io Viaggio Ovunque in Provincia (monthly);
• Io Viaggio TrenoCittà (monthly, including TrenoMilano, excluding TrenoLecco, TrenoSondrio e TrenoMantova, which are available only in paper format). 

It is possible to PURCHASE and RENEW travel tickets loadable on the IO VIAGGIO card at:

- Trenord ticket offices;
Authorised resellers;
- Self-service machines;
- Online from the Trenord e-Store;
Trenord App with the practical "1 Click Renewal" function [renewal only];
- Intesa Sanpaolo, Unicredit, UBI Banca and Banca Popolare di Milano ATM machines [renewal only]*;
- Intesa Sanpaolo Home Banking[renewal only]*;

*: TrenoCittà only

For passes purchased ONLINE, on APP Trenord, ATM machines and Intesa Sanpaolo Home Banking which must be activated between the first and the fifth day (three day for weekly passes) after purchase.

In the event of demagnetisation, theft or loss of their card, customers may go to one of the Trenord ticket offices or to My Link Points (Milano Cadorna, Milano Porta Garibaldi) with an ID photo, where the card will be replaced with a new IO VIAGGIO card at the cost of €10, loaded with the remaining validity of the travel pass already purchased and a paper receipt.


1. "Trenocittà" passes qualify for a 30% railway bonus when the service reliability index is not met. Monthly, quarterly and annual "Io Viaggio Ovunque in Lombardia" passes and monthly "Io Viaggio Ovunque in Provincia" passes DO NOT qualify for this Bonus;
2. The electronic pass is composed of two documents, to be kept and presented when requested by the ticket inspector: the payment receipt and the IO VIAGGIO card;
3. Sulla A maximum of 3 rail passes can be loaded onto the IO VIAGGIO card.