Milan Urban Railway [Passante]


The Passante Railway is a subway system that runs almost entirely underground and across the city of Milan from north-west (Certosa and Bovisa) to south-east (Rogoredo).

The Passante is the intersection of Milan's railway service, crossed by the suburban lines S1 (Saronno - Lodi), S2 (Camnago - Milano Rogoredo), S5 (Treviglio - Varese), S6 (Novara - Pioltello/Treviglio), S13 (Milano Bovisa - Pavia) and S14 (Milano Rogoredo - Rho), with a frequency of up to one train every 6 minutes on the Lancetti - Porta Vittoria route.


Like for the Metropolitana [MM], the Passante Railway can be accessed by passing through the turnstiles. All stations of the Passante have LED display boards that provide information on arrival times and destination as well as potential delays.


The Milan Passante Railway is classed as an urban transport service. Therefore it is possible to use all ATM travel tickets [tickets/ multi-journey tickets/ travel passes] valid for urban routes even if they are at reduced fares [student passes, senior passes, etc.]:
• - Urban ticket
• - 10-journey ticket
• - Weekly 2x6
• - Daily
• - Two-day
• - BI4 [Integrated ticket for four 90-minute journeys, each journey allows a single journey on the underground, rail network and the Passante Railway]
• - Weekly/ monthly/ annual travel pass
• - SITAM cumulative ticket (Small area/Medium area/Large area/Area plus 1)

As regards S [Suburban] routes, Tariffa Unica Regionale (TUR) railway tickets can be used:
• - Single ticket;
• - Multi-journey ticket;
• - Weekly/monthly/annual travel pass;
• - TrenoMilano monthly pass.