Festa del Torrone - Cremona

Trenord takes you from all over Lombardy to the Festa del Torrone 2017, the food festival held in Cremona on the weekend of 18-19 and 25-26 November. It is a unique opportunity, not just to visit the sights of the city - whose streets and squares during the festival will be brought to life with events and performances - but also to sample the traditional local cuisine, as well as the famous local confectionary.
With Trenord special ticket you can go to Festa del Torrone at just €21. 

With Trenord special ticket at just €21. The special ticket includes:
Return trip from any station in Lombardy to Cremona on any Trenord train [II class]
+ Guided tour of the city [Guided tours must be booked by contacting the number 338.8071208 at least 24 hours in advance]
+ Discount for the purchase of 3 Vergani nougat sticks 150gr [8 € instead of 12 €, at official stand of Nougat]
+ Discount at Food Area [Food Trucks in Piazza Roma gardens]


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The ticket, available from ticket offices and vending machines, once punched, is valid for one day and is not refundable.

The ticket purchased online/on Trenord App should be printed and used on the day indicated on the ticket. The travel date can be changed 3 times using the special online procedure until 1 day before departure. [MODIFY DATE]

The special ticket is valid only on TRENORD trains. 

The offer is valid on 18-19-25-26 November 2017.